UI Surplus moves near airport

by Gigi Wood

UNIVERSITY OF IOWA – Hawkeye athletic equipment is a new endeavor for University of Iowa Surplus, which recently moved near the Iowa City airport.

University Surplus sells overstocked and used equipment and furniture to the public and maintains warehouse space for UI bookstores. The department was at 1225 S. Gilbert St. for years until it shut down operations June 10 to move into the Mossman Business Services building, 2222 S. Riverside Dr.

“We were paying rent at that (South Gilbert Street) building,” said Steve Stange, supervisor at University Surplus. “And we’re moving to a university-owned building, so we’re hoping to save several thousand dollars a year. Also, the bookstore wanted to grow as well. It worked out for both of us. But what started it is the bookstore wanted to grow.”

University Surplus is managed under the Business Services department, which also oversees the Mossman building. There was an opening in the building recently, so University Surplus decided to move in.

While University Surplus opened to the public one day a week, Thursdays, it does not sell bookstore products. The department manages the bookstores’ storage space and the stores needed more of that space. That additional space was found in Mossman, where the UI printing department is housed, as well as central mail, general stores and equipment rental.

“Mail moved over into some of printing area and printing’s operations, they upgraded equipment and changed some things and it’s created a lot more room,” Mr. Stange said. “Different pieces of equipment have made everything, in the old days it was a lot bigger and nowadays they’re able to get better quality equipment with less of a footprint.”

University Surplus has more room at its new location and will open to the public on Saturdays instead of Thursdays. The first sale date is July 10.

“We’re going to be open on the second and fourth Saturdays of each month, from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. and the only time we will not be open on a second or fourth Saturday is if it’s a home football game,” he said.

The department is installing a room to sell overstock Hawkeye athletic gear, which University Surplus began selling a year ago but never promoted. Recently, University Surplus sold 100 pairs of cleats to Cornell College, although the general public can buy as well.

“That’s all of the overstock items from the football team, so everything that we’re selling is not coming from the Hawk Shop, it’s coming from the football team itself,” he said. “We sell game-used equipment as well, such as shoes, helmets, t-shirts, polo shirts, sweat suits, coats, hats and stuff.”

Meanwhile, the former Gilbert Street location is being prepped to house an outlet store for the Hawk Shops. An opening date is unknown.

“The project is temporarily on hold right now. We’re delaying the opening so I don’t have much to report,” said Richard Shannon, director of UI bookstores and the Hawk Shops. “It’s not open now and we’re trying to figure out just when exactly we’ll get it open.”