Solomon’s Landing, Forevergreen Estates projects accepted

Renderings of the Solomon's Landing development. CREDIT CITY OF NORTH LIBERTY

North Liberty green-lit numerous housing developments over the course of an April 12 city council meeting.

The governing body approved the preliminary site plan for Solomon’s Landing by Lion Development Group, as well as the preliminary plat for Forevergreen Estates.

Both decisions are a continuation of prior decisions made by city council and the North Liberty Planning & Zoning Commission over recent months. The city says they have every intention of continuing to address the concerns farm owners have raised over how developments could affect their property.

The Forevergreen Estates plan will build a 129 lot subdivision at the northeast corner of West Forevergreen Road and South Kansas Avenue.

Solomon Holdings is seeking to add 110 single-family lots and more than 350 multi-unit residences spread across eight buildings. It will be located east of Whirlpool and north of West Penn Street.

Brandon Pratt, a developer for Solomon’s Landing, says he hopes the project will provide affordable housing and unique options for Corridor residents.

The city council also approved a 6,000-square-foot site plan for Archie’s Brake and Lube, an auto repair facility.