Rodger and Marlene’s story

Rodger Burnett has been taking care of his wife of 54 years, Marlene, full-time since 2012. Marlene, who was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s in 2009, also receives 21 hours a week of support from nurses.

“She has almost total care requirements. She cannot walk alone, must have a safety belt. She does not dress herself,” Mr. Burnett explains. “She does not toilet without help. And she does not cook anymore. And I do all those tasks.”

“I have to help her sit and stand before she can walk, and I don’t want her to fall.

With the assistance of a transfer belt or a gate belt, I get her to and from wherever she goes. I’m transferring 12-20 times per day.”

In this video by Shuva Rahim, Rodger tells his story of everyday life with Marlene.

“She cared for her mother for 11 years in this home, and she passed in this home and so therefore, I had a wonderful example of how to do it,” he says. “So, this is my priority for now.”