Pearson, Ulster launch online degree partnership

Pearson, a leading learning and testing company with offices in Cedar Rapids, has announced a major new partnership with Ulster University in the United Kingdom which will enable students globally to study career-focused, world-class courses online.

The new partnership will allow more students around the world to benefit from an Ulster University learning experience in master’s degree programs such as biomedical science and health psychology. The courses will start in September 2021 and January 2022, respectively.

Ulster is also listing its existing portfolio of online courses on the Pearson platform, UK Learns, providing access to certified courses that employers value starting this summer, according to a Pearson news release.

Ulster University has long been known as an early adopter of online learning. For almost two decades, Ulster has pioneered online degree programs alongside its multi-campus model, teaching thousands of domestic and international online distance learners across 70 courses.

The partnership will increase transnational education by providing unique online courses not otherwise available on campus.

“Ulster University brings a strong distance-learning portfolio to this partnership, and we are pleased to be linking up with Pearson with their well-established global networks in education,” said professor Brian Murphy, interim dean of academic business development at Ulster. “The partnership with Pearson enables us to offer new and refreshed cutting-edge online provision. While the pandemic has, over the past year, catalysed greater engagement with online education, this partnership goes much deeper. It brings enterprising design and marketing for fully online provision that will serve new and previously excluded education markets and access for global citizens.”

Pearson brings 25 years of global education provision experience to the partnership. The company partners with more than 40 universities around the world on online degree programs, recently announcing partnerships with both Wake Forest and Hawaii Pacific universities.

“Pearson and Ulster University have both been at the forefront in recent years in creating new, flexible and convenient ways for people across the globe to study,” said Kees Bol, managing director of Pearson Online Learning Services. “This innovative approach is needed more than ever as the pandemic changes the way that we learn, work and build successful careers.”

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