New investigation: Iowans’ access to broadband overreported

More than 387,000 Iowans do not have access to broadband internet, 205 percent higher than government estimates, according to a new investigation by BroadbandNow.

According to a news release, BroadbandNow’s research audited government estimates of broadband coverage by manually checking internet availability of 55,000 households, including more than 1,000 in Iowa.

The report indicates FCC data from the state was found to be inaccurate 25 percent of the time, leading to the higher estimate of Iowans without broadband access.

Nationally, 42 million Americans are without access to broadband internet, triple the FCC’s estimates. All technologies, including DSL, fiber, cable and fixed wireless, are over-reported, and the reporting shortfall occurs in cities and rural areas alike.

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