Is it Time to Expand Your Employee Benefit Offerings?

Cory Bauer
Cory Bauer

In a competitive labor market like Iowa’s, companies face challenges attracting and retaining top talent. While the Great Resignation is no longer in its “great” phase, Gallop reports that 48% of U.S. employees still contemplate a job change. This is a critical moment for leaders to decide how to hang on to quality employees. Investing in employee benefits and incentives may be the strategic answer.

At Delta Dental of Iowa, we like to say that an employer benefits offering should support employees across all areas of wellness — physical, emotional, financial, career and community. These benefits don’t have to be creatively designed to be impactful; they simply have to support employee well-being. 

Here’s how some of the benefits offered by Delta Dental of Iowa do just that.

Dental Insurance

Despite the popularity of employers offering dental insurance, it’s a benefit that’s commonly underutilized. Employees who skip valuable preventive care exams can end up costing the employer money in lost productivity and absenteeism. Offering comprehensive dental insurance with preventive care demonstrates the employer’s commitment to the health and well-being of their team.

Vision Insurance

With most of today’s work being digital, vision benefits have become more important than ever. In fact, 87% of employees rated having a high-quality vision plan as a reason they stay with a company. The consequences of extended screen time are headaches, focus issues, and fatigue, all of which equate to lost productivity, absenteeism and medical expenses. Regular eye exams and timely treatment can mitigate these issues, making vision insurance a valuable benefit for employees and employers.

Life Insurance

A life insurance benefit is a way to offer peace of mind to employees and their families. Group life insurance has a simple enrollment process for employees, with no health questions asked. This provides them easy access to affordable guaranteed issue insurance, something very valuable for employees with certain health conditions who would otherwise be unable to secure such coverage.

Legal Insurance

A legal insurance benefit gives employees access to legal assistance for a range of issues, including estate planning, divorce, purchasing a home, and even identity theft recovery. A legal insurance benefit removes the hurdles to finding trustworthy legal resources, something your employees will appreciate.

Caregiving Support

As the Baby Boomer generation ages, the topic of caregiving has taken center stage in the benefits conversation. More and more employers view caregiving benefits as a way to support their employees through challenging and stressful times. A resource like Caregiven, a mobile app for caregivers, can be shared with employees to provide the resources they need to make their caregiving experience a little easier.

Looking Ahead

The decision to expand your company’s benefits offering can be a strategic move in the recruiting game, but it can also show current employees your commitment to their overall wellness. Consider how ancillary benefits could be a game-changer for your organization.