Grants to promote postsecondary training and education

By CBJ News Staff

Gov. Kim Reynolds announced awards to 65 applicants for the Coronavirus Relief Fund Employer Innovation Fund Grant. The program will assist local employers, nonprofits, community colleges, high schools, private universities and the University of Iowa provide postsecondary training and education to Iowans whose employment has been impacted by the coronavirus pandemic. More than $4.3 million has been awarded to the winning projects. 

Future Ready Iowa’s Employer Innovation Fund is centered around a grassroots effort to solve local workforce challenges while helping Iowans find economic opportunity in their community. The winning projects address barriers for Iowans who have lost their jobs due to the pandemic by providing training opportunities that will build on our economic recovery,” Ms. Reynolds stated in a release. “These programs not only help those affected by the pandemic, they will also focus on recruiting our minority and underrepresented communities to help us diversify our workforce and provide equal chances of success for all Iowans.”

The Coronavirus Relief Fund Employer Innovation Fund grants can be used to cover the cost of training, books and equipment as well as often providing much needed wrap-around support that address other barriers some Iowans face when trying to obtain skills training.

The Future Ready Iowa goal is to have 70% of Iowans in the workforce with education and training beyond high school by 2025. Approximately 60% of Iowa’s current workforce meets this education and training criteria. Visit for more information. CBJ